Our Jordan Bateman is back with the latest updates on the NDP stripping worker rights, a tale of two housing markets, and slooooooooow rebuilding efforts in Lytton.

🗳️ The Secret Ballot Process Should Be Kept: In an op-ed in the Winnipeg Free Press, Merit Manitoba’s Yvette Milner argues that maintaining the secret ballot process in unionization votes is crucial for protecting workers’ rights. The Manitoba NDP are following the BC NDP’s lead on this, putting their union ideology and bias ahead of the democratic rights of workers. Yvette’s piece emphasizes that the secret ballot ensures privacy and reduces the potential for coercion, thus fostering a fair and democratic workplace environment.

🏠 The Housing Market Paradox: Pieces from the Vancouver Sun and Canada Construct Connect highlights an intriguing paradox in the housing market. Despite appearances of a homebuilding boom in British Columbia, the reality is more nuanced. Factors such as a record number of housing starts in Alberta contrast sharply with the weakness of BC’s market. Basically Alberta is hitting new highs, while BC lags behind because of regulatory hurdles and high interest rates. Housing starts are down 30% in Vancouver this year!

🔥 Rebuilding Lytton: The Fraser Valley Current reports on the ongoing efforts to rebuild Lytton after the devastating fire three years ago. The BC NDP Government, which once upon a time promised Lytton would be rebuilt, better than ever, ASAP, has mismanaged the file, but refuses to apologize for the years of added stress and loss for Lytton residents. Minister Bowinn Ma apparently thought about firing the Lytton city council – but not apologizing. Yeesh. Do better, Minister, and get that town rebuilt.

🌲 Bonus: The forestry industry has been dealt blow after blow by the NDP Government’s mismanagement and anti-logging activist bent. Now, these forest communities are trying to get the NDP to hear and understand their concerns. Check out https://forestryworksforbc.ca/.