Prop rep supporters make it sound warm and wonderful, but prop rep creates nothing but backroom deals, sleazy politics, and splinter parties. As Foreign Policy magazine puts it, it makes country “ungovernable.”

The Netherlands has 150 seats in its parliament, and 13 different parties are represented. This makes it near impossible to stitch together a coalition to govern.

B.C. would eventually go the same way under prop rep. You’d see the BC Liberal splinter into Liberals and Conservatives, and then social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. You’d see the NDP lose their green folks and then their private sector union supporters and the Greens lose their rabid eco-activists and their anti-everything people. There’d be regional parties – the north, Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Kootenays, and Vancouver Island. There’d be a Surrey party. There’d be the fringe parties – anti-immigration, anti-trade.

And before you knew it, B.C. too would be ungovernable.

Don’t believe us? It’s happening in prop rep democracies all over the world. Read it for yourself.

Yet another reason to Stop Prop Rep!

Pass this post on to your friends and family – David Eby’s draconian, anti-free speech rules won’t allow us to advertise it, but individuals can spread it as much as they like. Let’s make sure every British Columbian sees it.

And stay tuned for more “Tales of Prop Rep Horror”…

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