In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, British Columbia will hold a provincial election Saturday, October 24, 2020.

While many BC voters would have preferred that Premier John Horgan keep his word and keep the government working on the important health and economic issues facing our province until the legislated fall 2021 election date, he has decided to send us to the polls.

Over the past three years, ICBA has done a lot of advocacy and policy work on the provincial scene. Below are some resources you may find helpful as you make your decision on who to support in the Oct. 24 vote – please feel free to share these with others.

We will update this web page throughout the election campaign with interesting analysis and resources for people working in construction and responsible resource development.


This information was transmitted to members of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia and thus does not constitute campaign period election advertising under the BC Election Act.





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Curious how the NDP Government has dealt with our industry over the past few years? There’s no better place to look than our Construction Monitors:



Every day during the campaign, ICBA’s Facebook offers one of 30 Things to Think About This Election:



ICBA’s Chris Gardner and Jordan Bateman discuss the election issues important to construction contractors on our ICBA CAST:

Twice a week, ICBA’s Jordan Bateman and The Orca’s Maclean Kay get into the nitty-gritty of BC politics on the #BCPOLI HOTSTOVE:

ICBA’s Jordan Bateman also appears twice a month on Howe Street Radio:





Over the years, ICBA has released several videos highlighting provincial issues, which may be of help in understanding our issues and convincing undecided voters:


Everybody’s Stuck at Massey

A 1990s-style song parody looking at how the NDP Government killed a massively under-budget replacement for the Massey Tunnel, wasting $100 million, and leaving people in traffic for another decade.


Traffic’s Back

The ’90s too hip for you? Here’s a 1970s-style song parody looking at how the NDP Government killed a massively under-budget replacement for the Massey Tunnel, wasting $100 million, and leaving people in traffic for another decade.


Crushed by Taxes

Even before COVID-19, small businesses were barely hanging on, as the provincial government raised their taxes and fees and strangled them with red tape.


Big Gas Prices

ICBA’s most famous video looks at the cost of constantly increasing gasoline and carbon taxes, and fighting pipelines.


Horgan’s Zeroes

Despite several announcements, there is zero money in the NDP budget plan to build Surrey’s new hospital or SkyTrain extension.


Letting Young People Down

Life for people under age 35 in BC has gotten more expensive and more difficult over the past three years. Here are 10 ways how.


Horgan Government Gets an F

It’s a scandal many haven’t heard of – the provincial government messing up graduates’ provincial exams so badly that the independent Ombudsperson has ordered they pay out some 2019 grads and verify and sign truthfulness pledges before sending out news releases.


Rewarding Donors

The NDP Government gave 19 building trades unions the monopoly on building several massive infrastructure projects – meaning cost overruns of hundreds of millions of dollars.